Friday, 18 April 2014

Ankara Inspired - #5


Mac veluxe brow liner  - Deep dark brunette
Mary Kay Brow pencil - Soft Black
Mac studio finish concealer - Nw45

Mac paint - bamboo
NYX Jumbo pencil - Milk
House of Tara High Intensity Pigment - Margaret Ekpo (Lid, crease, outer lid)
Sephora Color Anthology Palette (highlight & outer V)
Mac feline eye kohl - (waterline) 
Black Up pen liner - FEL 01(liner)
YSL babydoll Mascara
Cherish look - 747M Doubled (lashes)

Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation  - 12
L.A Girl pro conceal-  Toffe (highlight) 
Ben nye banana powder 
Black Up two way cake - TW 11
Cover girl queen collection bronzer - ebony bronze (contour)

NYX Blush  - Desert Rose

Mac Lip pencil - Magenta
House of Tara Lip stain - Nefertari
NYX lip pencil - Deep Purple 

"But, he was wounded for our sins, he was crushed for our wickedness; the punishment that made us whole fell on him, and by his wounds we are healed." Isaiah 53:5

Thursday, 17 April 2014

They Deliver -

Necessary Clothing is a chain of fashion clothing stores throughout the downtown New York City area. Their stores offer affordable apparel, shoes, and accessories for trendy young women.

I first discovered their website early last year. I kept making plans to order a couple of things from them but for some reason, I never did. I kept postponing and postponing till I actually found my self in New york later that year. I told my sister about the place after we got settled and with google maps which is literally my best friend in situations like this, we decided to hunt them down.

They have a chain of stores in Soho and their prices are pretty good compared to all the other intimidating stores in that area. I was in New York for quite a while and they had new stuff almost every week so I kept going back. I promised my self after a last trip to one of their stores to actually place an order with them once I came back home.

I finally placed an order with them 4 weeks ago and here is how it went down.
I realised shortly after logging on to their website that they now have a flat rate for all international shipping which is $20. This was very exciting news for me because I contacted them around April last year and they informed me that shipping to Nigeria was going to cost me around $48. So I went on and added three items to my basket, registered with them, entered a shipping address and paid with my card. I received  a confirmation email from them immediately basically confirming that my order had been placed. The email also stated that I was going to receive another email once my order has been shipped. If you do a lot of online shopping, you will know that this is standard procedure.

I placed my order on a Saturday and on Monday morning, I received an email from them, saying that my order has been put on hold due to some discrepancy in the information that I provided. So in order to release the hold, I was required to provide a six digit authorisation code linked to the pending transaction on my account for Necessary clothing. This really really pissed me off. As security procedures go, this was the mother of them all. Telling me to confirm the details on my card was something but asking me to do something that involved calling my bank was another thing altogether. They also asked me to provide them with a validated shipping address which kind made me more pissed because there was absolutely nothing wrong with the one I gave them in the first place.  I didn't call my bank the day I received the email because I was so busy and I quite simply forgot. So I called my bank the next day and they immediately provided me with the code. I replied them with the code immediately I got off the phone and also told them that there was nothing wrong with the first address I gave them, but I stated it again to clear all confusion.
The next day, I received an email from them saying that my order has been shipped. Three days later, I received  a call from the man who usually delivers my DHL parcels and I was literally shocked. I was expecting the parcel to get to Nigeria in good time but not within three days.

The parcel got to me before 2pm that same day but I didn't open it up right away because I was busy and I wanted to finish what I was doing. After I finished what I was doing,  I decided to read my mails (ogbu oge, lol) and and the first mail that I saw once I opened my mail box was titled customer refund notification. na so my face take change, it wasn't even funny.
To cut the whole story short the email contained a refund for my favorite item in the whole order.
I sent them an email immediately asking them why I wasn't informed of this earlier, I wanted to know why they had to wait till I actually received my order to let me know that one of the items that I paid for was out of stock. They replied promptly stating that the item sold out when my order was put on hold. They also went on to apologise and explain that they don't issue refunds until a transaction has been settled and, that takes about 24hrs. So they basically made me understand that by the time that my transaction had been settled, my order had already been shipped (if that makes any sense).

All in all I give them a 7/10. If not for the whole security wahala (which American websites tend to give) the whole transaction would have been perfect. Shipping was very very fast and that made every other thing bearable.

Country: United states of America

"May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart find favor in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer." Psalm 19:14

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

EOS Lip balm - Sweet Mint

If you guys can remember, I promised to give the Eos lip balm another try. A lot of you have asked if I'm sure I didn't get a bad one but a friend of mine has the exact same one and it smells the same biko, very synthetic and horrible.
Well I purchased another one the day  I published this review and it is safe to say that this one is reviewable, lol.

This time, I settled for sweet mint. I'm not a big fan of minty things when it comes to lip products but it was either this or strawberry and I don't like anything strawberry (story for another day) so I decided to go with this. It tastes and smells like spear mint which is the only good type of mint in my opinion. If it was pepper mint eh, we would be back to square one!
I've been using this constantly for over 4 weeks now and it is just OK. I honestly don't  get what the hype is about. I've used better lip balms! and they didn't even cost half the price I paid for this one. It feels waxy when you first apply it but it does moisturize. It is not as hydrating as the Maybelline baby lips in anyway, my Vaseline Intensive lip therapy which costs me about N600 even does a better job. I also noticed that my lips started getting a lot drier so as I type, I no longer use it. It tastes just like spear mint candy and leaves a tingly sensation on the lips. One of my favorite things about it is the packaging, I love how cute and round it is.

Product: Eos Lip Balm in Sweet mint
Price: N1,500
Purchased from: Red wrappings, Enugu.

 "No, I will pay you for all this, for I will not offer to the Lord my God a sacrifice that costs me nothing." 2 Samuel 24:24

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sleek Studio Flash a Pout Lipstains

I received a massive sleek goody bag back in February, during social media week. My bag was handed to me by Yemisi of Misykona and she ran away before I could even say thank you. The bag was huge! It contained about two or three products form Sleek cosmetics but every other thing in it was from sleek studio Nigeria.
Oya to clear up any confusion, Sleek studio Nigeria also know as S.Studio is the official distributor of sleek products in Nigeria. I first saw some of their skin care products about two years ago and it took me a little research to realize that they were not from the International sleek brand. Sleek studio Nigeria was founded by the Ugochukwu sisters who are the managing directors of Sleek cosmetics in Nigeria.
The sleek studio brand is currently only available locally. I don't think that you can purchase them anywhere outside the country. Like I mentioned earlier, the bag contained quite a few things but I will be talking about the recently released lip stains in this post.
They currently come in 6 shades and they are Coined, Revolution, Naivety, Siren, Forbidden and Duke. 
Coined - Sheer rose gold with lots of shimmer. I honestly don't see myself wearing this often. Shimmer and matte shouldn't see eye to eye in my opinion. 
Revolution  - Bright Orange. This is one of my favorites in terms of application. It applied smoothly and didn't leave streaks. It is also one of the very opaque ones in the bunch.
Naivety - Bright pink with blue undertones. Gorgeous gorgeous color. Application was a bit difficult, it kept leaving streaks.
Siren - Bright orange based red. Applied like Naivety. Its is not as opaque as some of the other colors but it is gorgeous all the same.
Forbidden - Dark brick red. I noticed that a lot of bloggers were gushing about this color and  I realized why immediately after one swipe. This is a gorgeous gorgeous red and I can see me wearing it to a lot of places, even to sleep, lol. It is hands down the easiest to apply in the whole bunch.
Duke - Very dark purple. My little sister walked into the room while I had this on and she was like Hei!! lmao. This is a gorgeous dark purple. Perfect for those who like it vampy which I do sometimes. It was a bit difficult to apply though, it applied just like Naivety and Siren.

Packaging: They all have a little mirror by the side which I think comes in handy for touch ups. There is also a little button on the top of each wand which activates an in built LED light once you press it down. The lights will probably come in handy when you are in a club or when Nepa takes the light.
Application: Thou shalt not go near any of these lip stains without exfoliating and moisturizing the lips. They are semi liquid and matte so they will sink into any crack or dry patch you give them. These are also not beginner friendly in my opinion, a very steady hand is required for most of the colors and trust me most beginners don't have that. If someone gave me any of these lip colors when I was starting out with makeup, I will probably just cry over my clumsiness and then hide them somewhere. 
Finish: These babies are super matte! I haven't tried using a gloss over any of them but I have a feeling that it might not go well.

Favorites: Revolution, Forbidden and Duke.

Price: N1,550
Where to buy: Any sleek studio or outlet near you. For a complete list of outlets, Click Here.

Has anyone tried the Sleek Flash 'a'  pout Lip stains? What are your favorites?

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Monday, 14 April 2014

Candy Locks Malaysian Body wave Review

Candy Locks is a hair company  that sells virgin hair in different textures. They contacted me last year to help them do a review and I was sent 4 bundles of their Malaysian body wave in lengths 16 and 18. I had the hair on for slightly over a month and I loved it. The company is based in Ghana but they also ship internationally.

They are currently working on their website so to place an order, you will have to do one of the three.
Send them an email on -
Add them on BBM - 7C44AADF
Visit their Instagram Page - @Candylocks_

For a more detailed review, Kindly watch the video above.

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Blue and Iris - Tutorial


Mac veluxe brow liner  - Deep dark brunette
Mary Kay Brow pencil - Soft Black
Mac studio finish concealer - Nw45

Mac paint - bamboom
NYX Jumbo pencil - Milk
Jordana loose eyeshadow - Bay blue (lid)
Mary kay eyeshadow - moonstone (Tear duct)
 Dark Purple - the Coastal scents 88 color palette (crease)
Mac eyeshadow - rice paper & bamboo (highlight)
Mac feline eye kohl - (waterline) 
Mac fluid line - black track (liner)
YSL babydoll Mascara
Red cherry #43- lashes 

Black Up creme to powder foundation - Tw11
Mac studio finish concealer Nw40- highlight 
Ben nye banana powder 
Black Up two way cake - TW 11
Cover girl queen collection bronzer - ebony bronze (contour)

Sleek  - Flamingo


Air woman pencil - 023 
Mary Kay Lip gloss - Pink Diamond 

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Friday, 11 April 2014

They Deliver - Amazon:Avidmax

I've been eyeing the Gorillapod focus for a very long time. I wanted it even before I started making youtube videos but I didn't know how to get my hands on it. I settled for the standard tripod but I've always had a problem with mine because even at its lowest height, it was still too tall for my filming setup. I decided to buy a smaller tripod at the beginning of the year. I checked game which is a Godsend when it comes to things like this but the one here in Enugu didn't have anything smaller than what I already owned so I went back to mooning. 
After searching for table top tripods on amazon I decided to just close my eyes and get the Gorillapod focus. I kept telling myself that it will be worth the price I was paying for it and in all honesty, it has been.
Avidmax was the second seller that I tried purchasing the Gorillapod from and I'm glad I used them. I realized as I was about to check out that they offered expedited shipping to Nigeria so I sent them a message asking which courier service they use for express international shipping and they replied the next day saying that they used Fedex so I went on ahead and placed my order.

My order got to me within 4 days. Shipping cost me about $42.90.

"Do not reprehend anyone unless you have first been fully informed; consider the case first, and then make your reproach. Sirach 11:7